21 Fun Weekend Picks

plush-groundhog.jpgHappy Friday and first day of February everyone! I'm somewhat zombie-ish after a week of very little sleep related to Violet's recent allergy issues (if any of you have kids struggling with dairy allergies, there's a helpful thread going on at the Boston Mamas Facebook page), but she finally seems to be turning a corner and I'm hoping that her rash will dissipate and we'll approach sleep normalcy this weekend! Meanwhile, I hope you have a fantastic weekend and a very happy groundhog day. Here are 21 event picks, lovingly curated for your consideration:
1. Go, go groundhog. (Acton)

2. A winter carnival. (Acton)

3. An extraordinary juggling duo. (Arlington)

4. Focus on feeders. (Attleboro)

5. Meet Oliver. (Boston)

6. Celebrate Chinese new year. (Boston)

7. An underpants stealing squirrel. (Brookline)

8. An Arctic musical tour. (Brookline)

9. A family fun day. (Brookline)

10. Winterfest. (Chelmsford)

11. A Celtic spring celebration. (Concord)

12. Yum, pancakes. (Concord)

13. Free admission and family fun. (Framingham)

14. Another winterfest weekend. (Harvard)

15. Learn to make baby food. (Lexington)

16. A winter carnival. (Lincoln)

17. Groundhog day at the farm. (Lincoln)

18. Owl festival. (Natick)

19. Find out what wheels do all day. (Peabody)

20. A groundhog extravaganza. (Topsfield)

21. Origami and psychedelic flowers. (Worcester)

Image credit: plush groundhogs by The Happy Groundhog via Etsy