Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome

Hello, hello, I hope you're all enjoying a wonderful weekend! I'm so excited to celebrate my sister at her baby shower this weekend (yay, sisters! yay, babies!), and take the time to kick around and get the house festive (we're getting a tree and need to move a piano first...eep). When you have a quiet moment, enjoy this collection of reads via Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome:

- Science reporter Emily Graslie has a new fan in this feminist (and former scientist).

- On coming out as biracial.

- 12 natual beauty remedies.

- The 12 days of Christmas are an extremely impractical gift.

- How to help kids pack for a trip.

- A music loving elephant.

- 14 GIFs about how I am over stuff and will learn to be slow with more words.

- 13 sayings only people from New England can understand.

- From scraps to wall art.

- You can make a change in the world (RIP Nelson Mandela).

Image credit: Pinterest