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Happy Monday everyone, I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I'm so full of gratitude this morning, what with last week's visit from my amazing brother-in-law, a quick yet lovely weekend getaway with Jon and the girls (more to share on that soon), and the incredible gift yesterday of holding my new nephew for the first time ever. Simply mindblowing, all of it. And now there's much to do before I head off to speak in Sante Fe! I hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy this week's Weekly Blueprint:

November 4: Write like an Egyptian. (Charlestown)

November 5: Ramblin’ man, er, kid. (Attleboro)

November 5: It’s not too early to get started on those holiday crafts. (Concord)

November 5: Family game night. (Dorchester)

November 5: Becoming one of the Billy Goats Gruff. (Lincoln)

November 5: Let kids climb the walls. (Somerville)

November 6: Explore the changing hillside on an autumn tree walk. (Acton)

November 6: Urban wildlife in the city. (Boston)

November 6: Artfull play with FREE admission. (Lincoln)

November 6: Worry less and hover less in your parenting. (Needham)

November 7: Children’s concert with Charlie Hope. (Allston)

November 7: Learn simple and natural ways to end your infant’s digestive distress. (Brookline)

November 7: ABC Fiesta with Mr. G. (Charlestown)

November 7: A chance to play with your food. (Sharon)

November 7: A workshop on wine and chocolate? Sign us up! (Wellesley)

November 7-11: The Fairy Circus. (Brookline)

November 8: Celebrate World Kindness Day. (Cambridge)

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