Best of November 2013

Last day of November -- how crazy is that? I hope you’re all enjoying a delightful holiday! We've spent the last couple of days with my in-laws and it's been simply delightful. My in-laws are wonderful hosts (and people in general) and they're incredible with Laurel and Violet! Anyway, I’m just tagging in quickly to share the Best of November + a few of my favorite recent pins. Enjoy!

Development & Behavior

- How to handle nighttime fears.

- 7 things to know about kids and everyday play.


- 6 tips for cleaning and organizing your refrigerator

Holiday Awesome

- DIY origami advent calendar.

- 6 steps to a lovely Hanukkah table.

- 10 free Thanksgiving printables for kids.

- 7 steps to a simple and elegant Thanksgiving table.

- Prowling a formal Thanksgiving with a twist.

Massachusetts Awesomeness

- 10 great spots for family photos in Massachusetts.

- Traveling with kids: Deerfield, MA.

Minimalist Parenting

- You helped change lives. And that is ridiculously awesome.

- You, yes you, can do minimalist holidays.

Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome

- Edition 1

- Edition 2

- Edition 3

Some Favorite Recent Pins

- DIY Star Wars snowflakes.

- 15 free gift box templates.

- IKEA hack: studio photography lighting.

- Age appropriate chores for kids.

- Pom pom DIYs from around the world.

Image credit: Pinterest