6 Steps to a Lovely Hanukkah Table

Today, contributing writer Paige (also of Mudroom Boston) shares inspiration for your Hanukkah table:

As an interfaith family, we celebrate a lot of holidays in our house. I love decorating for all of the celebrations, but I don't have the time, storage space, or, frankly, the interest, in having the tchotchkes that go along with each one. (Though I will admit to owning an ever-growing Nutcracker collection.) My approach is to use what I have, make something inspired by the holiday (as I did for my Thanksgiving table how-to), or make a purchase general enough to work in other ways throughout the year.

Using all three approaches (owned, purchased, made), in six easy steps (and about three hours), I created a gorgeous table with elements that can be re-used after the holiday is over. Here's the how-to (including my owned, purchased, made list):

1) Clean, dry, and dip the vases. (Visit Mudroom Boston for the DIY dipped vases tutorial.)

2) Spray the menorah with gold paint. Let dry for at least one hour.

3) Tie blue ribbon around the bags of gelt.

4) Set the table with tablecloth and placemats, plates, napkins, flatware, and glassware.

5) After testing the bottoms of the vases to be sure they're completely dry, fill them halfway with water and add white flowers. Alternate the vases and house plants in the center of the table.

6) Add candles to the menorah and set at the head of the table.

Have a Happy Hanukkah!