Weekend Roundup

Happy Friday everyone! It's been a busy, short week and I'm somewhat sleep deprived (Violet was up several times last night...urrrgh) but I went for a quick run to shake off the cobwebs and I'm now ready for a creative and productive day leading in to a fun weekend. If you're looking for something to do this weekend, enjoy this roundup of 19 events, lovingly curated for your consideration.

1. A fun night out for families with hearing impaired children. (Acton)

2. Yo-Yo People family fun show. (Arlington)

3. All about sea turtles. (Boston)

4. These creatures will teach you a thing or two. (Boston)

5. Ben Rudnick show to benefit the Boston Food Bank. (Boston)

6. Puppy pictures with Santa. (Boston)

7. Oh, oh, oh it’s magic. (Brookline)

8. This circus is just clownin’ around. (Brookline)

9. Rock n Romp family friendly rock show. (Cambridge)

10. Make your own Thanksgiving plate. (Concord)

11. Hanukkah pottery painting. (Concord)

12. Everything you’ve always wanted to know about turkeys. (Easthampton)

13. Opening weekend of the Wonderland Artist’s Market. (Lincoln)

14. Go take a hike. (Marshfield)

15. Who’s been trip trapping through your yard? (Natick)

16. Nature’s harvest free-for-all. (Newburyport)

17. Make a holiday evergreen wreath. (Princeton)

18. Explore this art museum’s hidden spaces. (Salem)

19. Free family art and theater workshop. (Watertown)

Image credit: deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum

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