Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome

Hello everyone, I hope you're enjoying this crazy warm Friday! My brother-in-law is in town this week and we have some fun weekend adventures planned. So before I disappear, I wanted to be share this week's installment of Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome. The first link, which is a news video, not an article, moved me to tears. I love when people are magical. Enjoy!

- When you put strangers together for portraits, magical things can happen.

- Habits of supremely happy people. (I’m apparently supremely happy!)

- What are schools responsible for when it comes to bullying?

- The inconvenient truth about Halloween candy and child labor.

- Do you think 9 year olds should be on Instagram?

- How shaming children can last a lifetime.

- Those who choose to don blackface simply don’t care.

- 20 acts of kindness (OMG the koala bear).

- In case you’re wondering why your Facebook friends became giraffes.

- If you have e-mailed asking to “pick my brain” and I respond with my consulting rate, this is a good explanation of why.

- Making a case for music education.

- Now through December 31, you can give a goat to a family in extreme poverty.

- Thank you Jim of Busy Dad Blog for sharing about #HelpWomenAtRisk. You always make me laugh!

Image credit: glittery DIYs via Pinterest

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