Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome

Hey there, friends, how are you doing this fine Saturday? Laurel and I just returned from a jaunt around town so I could get my hair cut by the amazing Honey Jo (thank you rainbow loom for entertaining Laurel so steadily) and pick up some treats at Georgetown Cupcake. I have a little quiet window before Violet wakes from nap and wanted to share this week's edition of Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome. Happy reading/viewing!

- Hooray for random acts of kindness.

- 10 October DIYs (OMG UNICORN HEAD!)

- I watched this video and cried. Hard. I also laughed out loud when one of the kids roared with the chorus.

- Thanks to Elizabeth Street for featuring me as a mom of the moment!

- Excuse me while I head to the kitchen to make these homemade Twix bars.

- Also, these homemade Butterfingers.

- 5 ways to support your child’s school but not push yourself over the volunteering edge.

- Wow, now this is a crafty mom.

- I really want to try this sharpie pillow DIY. So beautiful.

- Looking for kid-friendly restaurants in and around Boston? My friend Sharon recently launched KidNosh.

- I had such fun doing a Q&A with Christian at Dadlibrium about Minimalist Parenting.

- Mega thanks to Jeannette of Hispana Global, Aimee of Greeblemonkey, Emily of The Motherhood, Danielle of Extraordinary Mommy, Kelly of Little Pickle Press, Meagan of The Happiest Home, Heather and Whitney of Rookie Moms, Lindsey of A Design So Vast, Jane of This Week For Dinner, Jenny of Jenny on the Spot, Leticia of Tech Savvy Mama, and Marie of Make and Takes for sharing about #HelpWomenAtRisk! There’s still time for you to help too!

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