Weekly Blueprint

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I got in the Halloween spirit with Laurel and Violet by taking them for a haunted hayride and cobwebbing (it's now a verb) the front of the house. I've also been geeking out, tidying up and creating new things (stay tuned!) following the site makeover - thank you for your wonderful, supportive feedback! Meanwhile, let's kick off the week with the Weekly Blueprint:

October 22: A healthy kids summit. (Foxborough)

October 22: Hey teachers, learn more about the art and classroom connection. (Lincoln)

October 22 - 24: Celebrate National Chemistry week. We promise it’s more family friendly than Breaking Bad.

October 23: Learn how to raise confident, resilient daughters. (Lexington)

October 23: Artfull play at the museum. (Lincoln)

October 24: Let's meet in Beverly! (Beverly)

October 24: Learn secrets of the digital sisterhood. (Boston)

October 25: Ghost stories in the mansion. (Waltham)

October 25: Halloween family fun night. (Sandwich)

October 25: A candle-lit Halloween prowl. (Sharon)

October 25: Tricks and treats at Old Sturbridge Village, now with free admission. (Sturbridge)

October 25 - November 24: The Hobbit on stage. (Boston)

Now through October 31: The haunting of Salem continues. (Salem)

Image credit: Salem Haunted Happenings

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