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Carousel.jpgHappy Sunday everyone, I hope you're enjoying a wonderful weekend! My 40th birthday celebration yesterday was fantastic and this morning I ran my first half marathon. Man, it was TOUGH (just wasn't totally on my game) but I'm really honored to have been a part of the incredible B.A.A. Half -- what a beautiful course! Anyway, I'm sharing the Weekly Blueprint early because there are some great ideas for tomorrow that I don't want you to miss out on! Enjoy!

October 14: Mooch the Messy, a children's opera. (Boston)

October 14: Two for the price of one at the carousel. (Boston)

October 14: Astound your senses with free performances + cupcakes. (Boston)

October 14: The final performance of Sleeping Beauty. (Brookline)

October 14: A Columbus Day fall festival. (Concord)

October 14: Christopher Columbus Day celebration. (Boston)

October 14: A harvest celebration. (Lincoln)

October 14: It's fall now but these animals are prepping for winter. (Milton)

October 14: Follow clues and win prizes at this Columbus Day game. (Waltham)

October 15: Explore the tall pines overhead and the soft needles underfoot. (Belmont)

October 16: Help Berklee celebrate 20 years of modern and contemporary music education. (Boston)

October 17-19: Welcome back, Boston Book Festival. (Boston)

October 17: A taste of Roslindale. (Roslindale)

October 17: A slow tech parenting workshop. (Winchester)

October 18: Let your mini Indiana Jones celebrate International Archaeology Day. (Boston)

October 18: The Sorcerer's Apprentice and Halloween hijinks. (Brookline)

October 18: Ghost stories in the mansion. (Waltham)

October 18: Opening day for the Haunted Happenings carnival. (Salem)

Now through October 20: King Richard's Faire continues. (Carver)

Image credit: Rose F. Kennedy Greenway

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