Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome

paper-flower-garlands.jpgA friend's Facebook post recently reminded me that I've been missing something very basic: blog reading. Also, commenting on blog posts. And I want to get back to it, and share with you what on the internet compels me to read, share, and click (and, er, sometimes purchase). Why? Because my mom nailed it when she said to me yesterday, "Hey, you can find a lot on the internet!" So, I bring you a new post series: Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome. Happy reading!

  • Is an average childhood the secret to happiness?

  • Getting rid of the word should in parenting. YES.

  • On the absurdity of national no bra day.

  • How do you perceive loneliness?

  • The ocean is the universe.

  • Next week: pack your lunch and feed a child.

  • Hurricane Sandy victims still need your help. Support my friend Nicole's fundraiser.

  • Say yes to a healthy school day.

  • Donate toys to kids in need.

  • Global mental health strategy = major.

  • Celebrate International Day of the Girl.

  • Everything at J. Crew Factory 50% off right this second. I love this place.

    Have you come across (or written) something awesome on the web? I'd love to hear about it for potential inclusion in a future roundup. E-mail me at editor@bostonmamas.com with "web roundup" in the subject.

    Image credit: paper flower garlands via Pinterest