15 Fun Weekend Picks

goldfish.jpgHappy Friday everyone -- I hope you've been enjoying a wonderful week! I cannot thank you enough for the immense support and love around my (digitally weepy) announcement of the Minimalist Parenting book trailer and opening of pre-orders. Despite how busy things can get, Asha and I never lose sight of or take for granted how blessed we are to be part of such supportive and amazing communities! Thank you so, so much. Meanwhile, I hope you have a fantastic weekend planned; here are 15 event picks for your consideration:
1. Who knew? Sunday is National Rubber Duck Day. (Acton)

2. Magic for smart people. (Arlington)

3. Celebrate Japanese new year. (Boston)

4. A one-man circus. (Brookline)

5. Browse summer camp options. (Brookline)

6. For Celtic music fans. (Cambridge)

7. Big Joe's snow show. (Concord)

8. Welcome back, WinterFest Weekends! (Harvard)

9. About the birds. (Lincoln)

10. Strap on your snowshoes. (Mattapan)

11. A historic open house. (Newbury)

12. Explore silk. (Salem)

13. The elves and the shoemaker. (Wenham)

14. Winter trails day. (Weston)

15. Start with art. (Williamstown)

Image credit: Peabody Essex Museum

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