Weekly Blueprint

apples.jpgHappy Monday everyone -- I hope you had a beautiful weekend. What a spectacular first official weekend of fall! I was on my own with the girls, and while we missed having Jon here, we enjoyed a lovely couple of days replete with lots of down time, puttering around the house (Laurel taught Violet how to dust -- YES!), and a trip to the zoo. I'm now getting my head back into work things and hope you're gearing up for a great week. Here are some events to consider in this week's Weekly Blueprint:
September 24: All about harvest time.

September 25: Ballroom for mamas (with or without baby).

September 25: Welcome back, Boston Children's Museum!

September 26: Celebrate Johnny Appleseed.

September 26: A morning of art and play.

September 27: An event for parents: learning about acceptance.

Now through September 30: Your last week to rock the Big E.

September 28-30: Show your Shrewsbury spirit.

September 28 - October 7: Enjoy an island full of art.

September 28 - October 8: The Topsfield Fair is back.

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