19 Fun Weekend Picks

spellman-hispanic-stamp.jpgHappy Friday everyone -- I hope you and your kids are settling in well to the new school year and that you're gearing up for a fun weekend! I'm looking forward to being home and engaging in some celebration of family and friends this weekend, following what proved to be a very powerful trip to California last weekend. Also, belated apologies that I missed posting up a Weekly Blueprint on Monday; internet access was very spotty in the redwood forests! Anyhow, enjoy this roundup of weekend picks and have a spectacular weekend!
1. Town Day in A'town. (Arlington)

2. A Yankee Doodle homecoming. (Billerica)

3. An island family jam. (Boston)

4. An urban farm day. (Boston)

5. Celebrate South Boston. (Boston)

6. A day in honor of The Dot. (Boston)

7. Yum. Apples. (Boxford)

8. A folk musical for kids. (Cambridge)

9. Taking water play to new heights. (Chestnut Hill)

10. Party on the block. (Gloucester)

11. A philanthropic fall festival (Harvard)

12. Oh what I wouldn't do for an endless summer. (Hull)

13. A family farm day. (Ipswich)

14. Clean up the beach. (Ipswich)

15. Woof! (Somerville)

16. Get back to hobbies. (West Concord)

17. Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month through stamps. (Weston)

18. The Big E is here! (West Springfield)

19. stART on the Street. (Worcester)

Image credit: Spellman Museum

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