Weekly Blueprint

aha-newbedford.jpgHappy Monday everyone! I apologize for the unexpected radio silence the last several days, particularly in not getting to my weekend roundup. I was in New York for BlogHer, and while I planned on keeping up with posting from the road, internet/laptop woes coupled with the general and amazing chaos of converging with 5,000 other bloggers, preparing to walk in a runway show (!) + helping my client American Cancer Society derailed my posting plans very, very quickly. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and I'm glad to be back today! Here are some fun events to consider in this week's Weekly Blueprint:
August 6: For those who dig planets.

August 7: Tradtional Inka music.

August 7: Kung Fu Panda under the stars.

August 8: Show your kid power.

August 8: Opera at the Hatch Shell.

August 8: Artistic play in the park.

August 8-11: Yum. Magic soup.

August 9: Harbor sounds.

August 9: Cars on the big screen.

August 9: For those who dig swing.

August 9-19: A summer theatre festival right here in Stoneham.

August 10: Printmaking for kids.

August 10: ReadBoston storytime.

August 10: Slide rule Olympics!

August 10: 5 free museums.

Now through August 12: Kids rock the theatre.

Now through August 15: Get a haircut, share a haircut.

Now through August 17 : Free teen art classes!

Image credit: Aha!