12 Fun Weekend Picks

king-richards-faire.jpgWow, this summer has encompassed a lot of awesome, but has also been a lot more crazy than I wanted it to be. I'm subsequently hoping to keep things super low key this weekend and hope you enjoy some quiet time as well! Meanwhile, if you're in town this weekend and are looking for something to do with the family, here are 12 picks that caught my eye. Enjoy the long weekend and I hope school transitions have been going smoothly for everyone who has already started!
1. End your day with a laser light show. (Boston)

2. Blow some glass. (Boston)

3. Cinderella, marionette style. (Brookline)

4. Learn about possibilitarians. (Cambridge)

5. Rock the Renaissance. (Carver)

6. Schooners ahoy! (Gloucester)

7. A fair spanning 3 counties. (Northampton)

8. For those who dig planes. (Plymouth)

9. Fair grounds in Central MA. (Spencer)

10. Good old fashioned family fun. (Sturbridge)

11. Arts and crafts as far as the eye can see. (Topsfield)

12. Free museums for Bank of America card holders.

Image credit: King Richard's Faire

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