Weekly Blueprint

boston-landmarks-orchestra.jpgHello everyone -- my brain is still partially in Maine but my body is back. I hope you had a great week while I was away! It was wonderful to spend quality time with family and our dear friends, and to see Laurel and Violet's joyful exploration of the ocean. Laurel just learned to swim for real this summer and it was amazing to see her gliding through the water and jumping off the dock. Violet loved squealing and running in and out of the water along with the tide. The vacation was sorely needed and it's hard to believe the summer is almost over! But before I get mopey, here are some fun events to consider in this week's Weekly Blueprint:
August 27: All about backyard birds.

August 29: Shakespeare, symphonic style.

August 30: An improv family show.

August 30: Time to boogie.

August 30 + 31: Make your own hot air balloon.

August 31: It's the last free fun Friday of the season.

August 31: Princess meets peanut butter.

August 31: Enjoy a rare blue moon.

August 31 - September 2: It's schooner time.

Have a wonderful week!

Image credit: Boston Landmarks Orchestra

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