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arnold-arboretum.jpgHappy Monday -- I hope you had a great weekend! Things have simply felt too busy around here the last several weeks so this weekend we kicked back and enjoyed a lot of family time and puttering around (note to self: try to avoid 6+ week lapses between weeding efforts...). Anyway, related, I wanted to let you know that I'm taking a blogging break this week so I can focus on some much needed time with Jon and the girls. But before I do that, here's a Weekly Blueprint filled with event ideas for the week and some excellent reading. Have a wonderful week!
August 20: All about bugs.

August 21: A festival for kids.

August 22: Birds and bliss.

August 22: An evening of virtuosos.

August 23: Wacky theatrics.

August 23: Rock funk jam it out.

August 24: Fish printing on paper or fabric.

August 24: Free admission to 5 great local attractions.

August 24: Explore the secret garden.

And some other reading for the week:

  • I almost have no words for the powerful love in this post.

  • A reminder to think (and remember you don't know the complexities of another person's situation) before passing judgment.

  • I could use some tasty vegetable curry.

  • Don't beat yourself up about what you don't know, just start learning.

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