Swept Away by Six Flags

six-flags.jpgThis past weekend, I arranged to have three of my lovely Boston Mamas contributors attend the Six Flags media weekend with their families. I didn't really expect to hear from them following the event given that: a) I told them there was no obligation to write about it; and b) I figured it was highly possible that some or all might cancel out given the heat. Instead, I received gushing follow up emails across the board. Everyone (parents + kids ranging from 5 years old to teenagers) had a fantastic time and Lindsey (also of A Design So Vast) was so enthusiastic she immediately penned a review. Read on for Lindsey's thoughts as well as to learn how to win a four-pack of tickets to Six Flags (sweet!):
From Lindsey:

I knew our day at Six Flags was special when we were there. It wasn't until the next morning, however, when I watched my children huddle over the Six Flags park map -- comparing notes on their favorite rides and experiences for a solid 20+ minutes -- that I realized how special. We spent this past steamy Saturday at Six Flags and my only complaint was how incredibly crowded the park got in the afternoon. Aside from that -- and I can recommend a few ways to work around the crowd factor -- it was a marvelous, happy day.

We arrived before the park opened and were in right at 10am. I think this is critical for enjoying a couple of hours without long lines. For the first couple of hours it felt like we had certain parts of the park to ourselves. My children are 7 and 9, not super interested in "hard core" roller coasters, of which there are several at Six Flags, but too old for the true kiddie rides. I had wondered before we got there how many attractions there would be at their level, but I needn't have worried. Six Flags does a great job accommodating riders of all age and also of all appetites for speed and upside down-ness.

The park is large and sprawling, but is divided into separate "neighborhoods" that are loosely united by theme. This made strolling around endlessly entertaining for our children. We went on everything from the old-fashioned Carousel to the Blizzard River whitewater ride to Pandemonium, a "family coaster" that nevertheless made me feel like I had lost my stomach. Given that we were there for the media day, the four of us were fortunate to tour the park with a guide, so even after the lines started getting long we were able to avoid waiting. In the morning, however, there weren't really long lines anywhere, so it would be easy to enjoy the park without the guide. Additionally, I was told that the slowest days in the park are Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so that would be another strategy for a less line-waiting experience. Finally, Six Flags offers a Flash Pass option that allows people to cut long lines. I would recommend one of these choices at least in the heart of the summer, which is Six Flags' busy season.

The park is open from April until the end of October and it's easy to see how this could be a multi-day experience for a family. We didn't even make it into the water park, which is the largest in New England, because we ran out of time and by mid-afternoon it was very crowded. Another time we might start there, or spend an entire morning on the water rides, which are apparently great fun. Even without experiencing Hurricane Harbor, though, we came away from Six Flags exhausted and happy, and full of happy memories. Our children, after their moment-by-moment private rehash this morning, are already clamoring to go back!

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Editor's Note: I also wanted to share the following relevant information re: crowds and weather from Jane (also of see jane blog), who attended on Sunday: "We had about an hour of rain and we had to take cover and wait until it passed while they closed the rides, but we headed to an arcade, then the manager gave us a personal back stage tour of the bird show until the rain passed. It was the BEST day ever at Six Flags. Not to mention, the crowds were not bad on Sunday either. For our first experience at Six Flags, it could not have been better!"

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Congrats to winner Marci!
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