14 Fun Weekend Picks

blueberries.JPGGreetings, friends -- isn't it utterly perfect outside? Yesterday I tweeted about the power of short runs (I'm all about something is better than nothing when it comes to self-care). All I seem to have time for these days are 12-15 minute runs 3-4 times a week (usually running Violet to or from day care) and even those short little runs feel fantastic. Today is the perfect day to get out there for a walk or run! And after you enjoy a little fresh air, you can start planning your weekend. Here are 13 picks that caught my eye:

1. Watch kids rock Shakespeare. (Arlington)

2. Celebrate Native American culture. (Boston)

3. Learn about urban critters. (Boston)

4. Inspire young songwriters. (Concord)

5. For blueberry pancake and pie fans. (Concord)

6. This music festival marches on. (Duxbury)

7. Party it up, county fair style. (East Falmouth)

8. A cultural survival bazaar. (Falmouth)

9. Rock the block party. (Gloucester)

10. Experience the Renaissance. (Gloucester)

11. Art via migration. (Somerville)

12. Tractors and more. (Westport)

13. An Armenian street fair and festival. (Watertown)

14. Stacey Peasley and more. (Wellesley)