Summer Camp Query

shells.jpgWell, it's definitely not feeling summery today (though I'm very happy that the plants are getting a good soak), but the school year is, in fact, winding down. I truly cannot believe June is next week! Anyway, I have a couple of fantastic posts to be published soon about summer activities at home and simplifying summer, and I also want to share a post on favorite summer programs/camps. I have already collected some leads and would love to hear about programs your kids have adored -- please share by dropping me an e-mail with "summer camp" in the subject. Thanks!
Also, one little request: Over the years, I have received a lot of pitches from camp programs wanting to be featured on Boston Mamas. And while I of course respect all of the work these organizations are doing, the nature of editorial on this site is organic. Meaning, I don't republish press releases or direct pitches; I share about things that I (or my writing team, or readers of this site) have tried and loved. So, please only share if you are a parent and your child has attended a program and adored it (i.e., not if you are a camp staffer looking to promote your program). Thank you!

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