Weekly Blueprint

may-day-basket.jpgHappy Monday everyone -- I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I also hope you are able to see this post, or, if you can't see it, that you will be able to see it soon. Last week I finished the server migration process and things have since remained a bit wonky for some folks (e.g., not being able to see the most recent posts, permalinks not working). However, thanks to the fantastic customer service of my site host, I think we have the last kinks ironed out -- thanks so much for your patience and to those who wrote in letting me know of tech trouble! Meanwhile, here are some handy/fun ideas to consider in this week's Weekly Blueprint:
April 30: Ah... yoga meets art.

May 1: Celebrate May.

May 3: Hear from the creators of Chocolate Me! -- a book that shares the challenges of feeling different and trying to fit in.

May 4: Woo hoo for smart gals!

May 4-6: A family friendly spring festival.

And some interesting/fun things around the web:

  • It was fun to be included in this roundup of blogger beauty secrets. I live by the tip I shared. Also, clearly, I need to investigate Clarisonic.

  • CVS Caremark and the Boston Red Sox are soon to launch their eighth CVS Caremark All Kids Can Baseball Camps for kids with disabilities. Applications are due May 15.

  • This? Makes my brain hurt and my heart ache.

  • Tomorrow is May, can you believe it? Get festive with these simple and easy May Day baskets.

  • And have you considered transforming your bathroom with a fabulous shower curtain?

  • Right now, I've got four bags of stuffed animals and toys outside waiting to be picked up, thanks to this site. I'm so excited for these items to get into the hands of kids in need. I encourage you to declutter for good as well!

    Image credit: Rage Against the Minivan