Weekly Blueprint

finger-stuck-felts-lamb.jpgGreetings friends, and happy first week of April! I hope you had a fantastic weekend and that any trickery was gentle (unless you love extreme trickery, of course!). We enjoyed a lovely balance of social engagements + puttering around the house, and spring really feels like it's here now that soccer starts up for Laurel this week. (Which is kind of making me want to play soccer...) Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful week on tap. Here are some handy/fun ideas to consider in this week's Weekly Blueprint:
April 3: 24 Massachusetts locations where you can enjoy a free ice cream cone = awesome.

April 3: A chance for your teen to rock the open mic.

April 3: All about pigs.

April 4-7: Peter & the Wolf, via marionettes.

April 5: A rabbit-tastic puppet show.

April 5: Join me, Ellen Galinsky (Families & Work Institute), and Kristin van Ogtrop (Real Simple) for a live chat on women and time. (Amazing, right?)

April 5: If you need help with toddler tantrums and toilet training.

April 5: I mean, really, what's cuter than spring lambs?

April 6: Kick off the first of this kids' walk series.

April 6: A full moon hike.

At your leisure: I highly encourage you to buy your ticket for Pivot now. Tickets have been available for less than a week and we're halfway to being sold out!

At your leisure: Finally, if you weren't on the site last week, I highly recommend you read these two wonderful posts about maintaining friendships during motherhood and improving partner communication while reducing guilt, self-doubt, and distraction as a working parent. And these 7 indie favorites will help you with last minute birthday gift shopping!

Image credit: Adorable felted lamb by FingerStuckFelts via Etsy