Weekly Blueprint

beach-april.JPGHappy April vacation week! I'm going to go light on posting this week so I can enjoy time with Jon and the girls and also spend some more time working on the book. Meanwhile, I wanted to share this week's Weekly Blueprint a bit early in case you're looking to map out some fun things to do during the vacation week. Enjoy the these 15 picks that caught my eye (a mix of one-off events and formal vacation week programming) + some great reading to enjoy with a cup of tea.
1. April 16: A jam packed Patriot's Day agenda. (Lexington)

2. April 16: I plan on running 1/13 of the marathon in honor of the rock stars running the Boston Marathon. (Boston)

3. April 16: Silversmithing and more. (Concord)

4. April 16-19: All about water. (Salem)

5. April 16-20: Nature programs galore. (Various locations)

6. April 16-22: A museum in a marathon, cherry blossoms, and many a critter.

7. April 16-22: And impossible not-to-sing-a-long sing-a-long. (Arlington)

8. April 17-19: Look, and look again. (Boston)

9. April 17-19: A LEGO design workshop. (Wenham)

10. April 17-20: Travel through time with art as your guide. (Boston)

11. April 19: A free Fenway Park open house. Happy 100th Fenway! (Boston)

12. April 19: Learn how to build your own lemonade stand in advance of Lemonade Day. (Wellesley/Needham)

13. April 20: SteveSongs rocks it to benefit the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. (Newton)

14. April 20-22: For those who love Elmo. (Boston)

15. April 20-29: All about science. (Cambridge)

And some fine reading to enjoy:

  • Who doesn't want to automate dinner while eating well?

  • A lovely reminder to stop and see what's in front of you.

  • If you're not reading Shannon yet, you should. (And this, from someone who tries not to use the word "should" very much.)

  • In case you missed the Ann Romney mommy wars flap.

  • On forgiveness. And moving forward.

  • Turning housework from project to practice.

  • And if you weren't on the site last week, consider these awesome posts: 8 indoor fitness activities, a yummy , organic café, the how-to on bird watching for beginners, and how to minimize your e-mail in three steps.

  • And if you need a print book (it's my favorite way to unwind before bed) I'm currently completely sucked into The Invisible Bridge -- it took me several starts to get into it, but now I am totally hooked!

    Image credit: Christine Koh - April of 2011 on the shores of Maine