Weekly Blueprint

rage-against-the-minivan-smoothies.jpgHappy Monday -- I hope you had a lovely weekend and are gearing up for an excellent week. Of note in my sphere is that I will be introducing the new Boston Mamas contributors very soon, diving into book writing mode (Asha and I just started a Minimalist Parenting Facebook page if you'd like to join in there; plus we'll be developing a book site soon), building a couple of websites, and last but definitely not least is that Violet is turning one soon. It's so cliche but I truly don't know where the time has gone! So, all of this is to say that my mind is percolating with all sorts of very happy things right now. But anyway, back to you! Here are some handy/fun ideas to consider in this week's Weekly Blueprint:
March 6: Cause-minded foodies will delight in the Taste of the South End, which benefits the AIDS Action Committee of MA.

March 6: Meet the sugar maples.

March 7: Visit a tortoise and hare.

March 8: If you missed it yesterday, you have another chance to join in this International Women's Day celebration.

March 8: Celebrate Women's History Month.

March 9-10: For those who also have a place in their heart for youth theatre -- an original play with music.

March 9-11 +16-18: All hail the Pied Piper.

At your leisure: Find ways to pay it forward. Every month I have committed to carving out a couple of hours to help someone I care about with a project. I just finished one such project and felt so happy to help lift up someone I love!

At your leisure: Taxes. Ugh, I really need to do this. I'm going to try putting on some great tunes to help make me feel happier while I reconcile paperwork.

At your leisure: And some reading around the web:

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