Weekly Blueprint

pb-round-gilt-mirrors.jpgHappy Monday everyone -- I hope you had a great weekend! We enjoyed a lot of family time (including, for me, the rare and lovely opportunity to see all four of my sisters), and I'm also super excited to share the new website for Minimalist Parenting. My wrists are a wee bit tired, but I'm so pleased with how it looks! Meanwhile, I hope you're gearing up for a great week. Here are some handy/fun ideas + reading inspiration to consider in this week's Weekly Blueprint:
March 27: An evening of kabuki dance.

March 27: Rock all things nano.

March 28: For those looking for perspective on raising only children.

March 29: If you're a fan of Helena's, they're having a grand opening event in their new Belmont (Cushing Square) location.

March 29-April 1: I'm totally loving the fact that this entertainer brands himself as a Certified Lunatic & Master of the Impossible.

At your leisure: There was some seriously good content on last week. If you missed it, book a date to enjoy Flatbread, consider these six tips for minimalist birthday parties, get inspired to purge and replenish your closet, and consider reading this book on talking to kids about relationships and sexuality.

At your leisure: Freshen up your walls! Paige's post on how to decorate with mirrors inspired me to order these pretty round gilt mirrors for our living room wall project. I had a rabbit get a slew of Ribba gallery frames for me from IKEA and this weekend Laurel and I printed and framed a bunch of photos. Per my easy gallery walls tutorial, I cut out the paper templates and am super excited to get our photo/mirror wall up this week!

At your leisure: And some good reading around the web...

  • On (finally) accepting feminism.
  • What indulgence is making your life better right now?
  • Look for the light.
  • When anxiety is the enemy of learning.
  • It's OK to not be a tiger mom.

    Image credit: The round gilt mirrors soon to adorn our living room wall.