11 Fun Weekend Picks

baby-birds-bossys-feltworks.jpgHappy Friday -- I hope you've been enjoying the amazing weather! We've all been so excited to be outside, and this week Jon taught Laurel his favorite childhood game of playing catch via tossing a football on the roof and letting it roll down. Which is awesome. Except for the fact that the short roof Laurel aims for is right under my office window and sometimes I am attempting to work in my office while this game is happening. Oh well! Anyway, I hope you're gearing up for a great (albeit chillier) weekend; here are 11 picks if you're looking for something to do:
1. How cool -- a Guatemala Kids Carnaval. (Arlington)

2. Aesop's Fables, puppet style. (Brookline)

3. Celebrate and inspire healthy kids. (Boston)

4. A free thespian workshop. (Boston)

5. Following #4, enjoy the show following for half off (pre-registration required). (Boston)

6. Ah, the symphony of my youth! (Boston)

7. Steampunk inspired crafts (Boston)

8. Celebrate Passover. (Concord)

9. Yarn bombing! (Lincoln)

10. A salute to Dr. Seuss and more. (Salem)

11. Spring sing! (Watertown)

Image credit: These felt baby birds in a nest by BossysFeltworks via Etsy are insanely cute!