11 Fun Weekend Picks

last-bostonian-skating.jpgHappy almost first weekend of March! It's been a crazy week here, as it always seems to be following school vacation and travel (my inbox was a particularly scary place on Monday since my phone was cranky and I couldn't triage messages from the road), and I'm really looking forward to the weekend, despite the fact that one thing I need to do involves prepping for taxes! I hope you have a great weekend; here are 11 fun weekend picks for your consideration -- enjoy!
1. An event perfect for ballet fans. (Acton)

2. Sensory walk + yoga = awesome. (Belmont)

3. Free skating and skate rentals for a cause. (Cambridge)

4. Dinosaurs and more at Paleo Planet. (Cambridge)

5. Introduce kids to International Women's Day. (Concord)

6. Freeskate kickoff party at Mansfield Crossing. (Mansfield)

7. Stomp your way through a good story. (Medford)

8. Boil sap to syrup. (Somerville)

9. A musical representation of the American journey. (Watertown)

10. Explore Latin American music and culture. (Watertown)

11. For those south of the city, join in a Seussational celebration. (Providence, RI)

Image credit: Last Bostonian Skating