Weekly Blueprint

spring-globes.jpgHappy Monday and hooray for this glorious spring weather! Yesterday was just such a beautiful day to celebrate Violet's first birthday (I'll be sharing some thoughts on simple yet festive birthdays this week), and it was fun to see Laurel and her cousin Alyssa + some of my sisters hula hooping outside. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead; here are some handy/fun ideas to consider in this week's Weekly Blueprint:
March 20: Celebrate spring equinox.

March 21: Explore art and sound.

March 21: For Hunger Games fans.

March 23: Boston Ballet for free = amazing!

March 23: Storytelling, creativity, and outreach to support Japanese youth.

March 23-25: A craft event of Steampunk-tastic proportions.

Now through March 30: If you've got a budding sports writer in grades 4-12, consider having him or her enter this local contest.

At your leisure: Grab a cup of coffee and take a few moments to absorb...there's been some incredibly thoughtful writing going on around the web. Some posts that caught my eye:

Image credit: I'm fascinated by these spring green airplant globes by SASSYspaces on Etsy. They're so fun and modern looking and also would be perfect since Violet loves wrecking our floor-based plants!