Weekly Blueprint

candles.jpgHello everyone, what a surreal few days it has been. My heart is heavy for the Newtown, CT community, and the ripple effect clearly has been wide. I have mixed emotions about the responses I've seen to this tragedy and I'm not sure I can articulate them all. So for now, I will simply say that I'm sending healing mojo into the universe for everyone and hope we can all find meaning in this that will help us move forward and also honor the spirit of the victims. And now I will return to business and share some event ideas to consider via this week's Weekly Blueprint. Im wishing you all a week of peace and healing.
December 18: Make paper.

December 18: Nutcracker fun.

December 19: Music for the holly days.

December 20: A ringing concert.

December 20: Make cookies.

December 21: Welcome, winter solstice.

December 21: Make ornaments.

December 21: Group pajama party.

December 21: A colorful holiday party.

December 21-23: Cultural survival.

Image credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.net