Weekly Blueprint

christmas-tree.jpgHappy Monday everyone -- I hope you all had a fantastic holiday weekend! We enjoyed lots of time with Jon and my families, and my sister-in-law Marjorie gave what very well may be the most generous and lovely gift ever while we were all relaxing post Thanksgiving meal: mini Reiki sessions. Wowzers! Anyway, I hope you're gearing up for a great week -- I'm looking forward to a regular work week after the sickness and many events of the last seven days. Here are some fun event ideas to consider in this week's Weekly Blueprint:
November 26: The Polar Express kicks off.

November 27: Light up Copley Square.

November 28: ARTfull play.

November 29: Go for a holiday wander.

November 29: Boston Common tree lighting.

November 29: First light festival.

November 29: Make prints.

November 29-December 2: Support a local artist.

November 29-December 2: A community Christmas walk.

November 30: Holiday pops, for kids and grownups.

November 30: Create a dinosaur scene.

November 30: Kids jam.

November 30-December 1: A community holiday festival.

November 30-December 2: A traditional Christmas stroll.

November 30-December 2: The Messiah.

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