16 Fun Weekend Picks

leaves.jpgHappy Friday everyone -- what a strange week it's been. In my neighborhood, we were largely unaffected by Sandy, so I've been even more tuned into the struggles that others are facing. Wherever you are on that spectrum, I hope you're recovering well. Also, I wanted to remind you all to vote next week! I'm planning on a massive baking spree to support our Election Day school bake sale and am looking forward to taking Laurel and Violet to the polls! Meanwhile, have a wonderful weekend; here are some fun events to consider:
1. A free evening for families with hearing impaired kids. (Acton)

2. Rock out with Vanessa. (Arlington)

3. Take a night hike. (Belmont)

4. Make things that MOVE. (Boston)

5. Cirque's in town. (Boston)

6. Gorilla party. (Boston)

7. Smash some crayons. (Boston)

8. If you're ready to think about Christmas. (Boston)

9. Morning magic. (Brookline)

10. Raccoons, puppet style. (Brookline)

11. Day of the Dead for families. (Cambridge)

12. A family fall fest. (Concord)

13. Be an actor or spectator! (Concord)

14. Journal the natural world. (Mattapan)

15. Open studios. (Waltham)

16. For those who love textiles. (Weston)

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