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gourds.jpgHappy Monday everyone -- I hope you had a great weekend and are feeling good about the upcoming holiday week. I'll be posting soon about some simple holiday food ideas and also encourage you to check out the beginnings of Asha and my Minimalist Holidays blog series (you'll be psyched to learn how to let go of fancy table trappings and embrace mealtime delegation!). Meanwhile, safe travels if you're heading out of town and if you're here this week, here are some fun event ideas to consider in this week's Weekly Blueprint:
November 19: Lighting of the trellis.

November 19: Play art and seek.

November 21: Kick off of this celebration of children's literature.

November 21-25: A festival of wreaths.

November 22: HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Hug a loved one!

November 22: Zoolights kicks off.

November 23: Welcome back, Nutcracker!

November 23-December 2: Magic soup.

November 23: The Macy's holiday tree lighting.

November 23: Fall festival on the Cape.

November 23: Monkey crafts and storytelling.

November 23: An unshopping day.

November 23: LEGO-tastic.

Now through New Year's: Don't forget to Blink!

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