Weekly Blueprint

pumpkins.jpgHappy Monday -- I hope you had a lovely weekend. We're off with Laurel and Violet for the Veteran's Day holiday today so I'll keep this brief and just say that I'm incredibly grateful to those who have served (and currently serve) to protect our country's freedom, and for the many rights we all enjoy. (Several conversations about human rights have come up with Laurel lately...it's been amazing to engage in this line of conversation with her.) And meanwhile, here are some events to consider in this week's Weekly Blueprint:
November 12: A community art project in honor of Veteran's Day.

November 12: A day with the Boston Ballet.

November 12: All aboard for family fun.

November 12: Critters and crafts.

November 12: Classic fables.

November 13: It's a potty palooza.

November 14: Yum, gingerbread.

November 14: Learn to make pretty Thanksgiving flower arrangements.

November 15: Celebrate Diwali.

November 16: The festival of lights kicks off.

November 16: Stars and meteors.

November 16-18: Part 2 of a family film festival.

November 16-18: An artisan fair.

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