Feel Good Candy

unreal.jpgIf you've been trying to find less-bad-for-you candy to fill your Halloween bowl (or less-bad-for-you treats for your own stash), here's a new brand that Jon, Laurel, and I dig. I first tried UNREAL at SocialLuxe in NYC this past summer, and recently sampled the remaining of the suite of five classic candy replicas. They're a pretty close approximation to the classics in taste (ah, sweet delicious nougat...), but the really good news? They're made from responsibly sourced ingredients while containing less sugar, more protein and fiber, and no corn syrup, hydrogenated oil, synthetic colors, and other undesirables.
UNREAL is offered in full candy bar sizes as well as bags of minis. This fall they've launched in a number of major retailers and I was thrilled to find them at my local Rite-Aid (strangely, on an endcap near the milk, not in the candy aisle). I bought a couple of bags of minis for Jon as a small token of my appreciation for holding down the home front while I was in Ethiopia. He was happy.