Weekly Blueprint

groundhog.jpgGreetings, friends! I hope you had a great weekend -- we enjoyed a lovely one here, filled with nostalgic moments (I was honored to deliver a keynote and do some filming at my undergraduate alma mater. Also, I still can't wrap my head around the fact that the current students were born in the 90's...), friends, family visits, great food, and some very, very gooey brownies. I'm excited to tackle the week and hope you are as well; here are some handy/fun ideas to consider in this week's Weekly Blueprint:
January 31: Hopefully the weather will cooperate for this charity competition at Frog Pond (which includes some free ticket giveaways to Disney on Ice).

February 1: Enjoy a Celtic spring celebration.

February 2: Celebrate groundhogs at Drumlin Farm and Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary.

February 2 (to 12): Support budding thespians in Stoneham.

February 3 (to 5): Enjoy Chelmsford Winterfest.

This week: Enter to win some awesome tickets! Specifically, Dan Zanes (entry closes January 31) and Disney on Ice (entry closes February 2). (Also, I'll have another fantastic ticket giveaway going live soon -- stay tuned!)

This week: If you like Ann Taylor, check out their sale section. As of this writing Ann Taylor is offering an extra 40% off sale styles (+ free shipping on orders of $150 or more). This weekend I ordered some fantastic looking items that will be perfect for upcoming work events...fingers crossed that returns will be minimal! **UPDATE: I just checked the site and today only (Monday, January 30) they've upped the sale section discount to 60%. Sweet!

At your leisure: Schedule lunch or coffee with someone who makes you happy. This month I've managed to get together with some of my dear girlfriends. It's so rejuvenating!

At your leisure: Consider exploring a dance class,

At your leisure: If you're running a business and (like me) have forgotten to do this until now, update your copyrights on your websites.

At your leisure: Think about joining Pinterest. I adore this platform as a way to visually catalog inspiration and resources.

Image credit: Mass Audubon

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