Weekly Blueprint

wheelock-wizard-of-oz.jpgI hope you all enjoyed this lovely weekend! In my opinion it was the perfect amount of snow -- plenty to be pretty and fun to play in (Laurel frolicked outside for two hours with her cousins yesterday!) but not too arduous to shovel. Oh, and also, congrats to the Patriots! Now, here are some handy/fun ideas to consider in this week's Weekly Blueprint:

January 23: Come glean the best ideas for getting organized.

January 23-29: Bread and Puppet Theater brings a carrot circus to Boston.
January 24: An event for women looking to get back on the career track.

January 25: Pretty, pretty. An exploration of color.

January 27: A Chinese New Year celebration in Acton.

January 27: A different kind of Green Eggs & Ham.

January 27: The Wizard of Oz kicks off its run at Wheelock Family Theatre.

January 27-29: Enjoy Lincoln's winter carnival.

At your leisure: Nominate your favorite nonprofit to win a $1,000 charitable donation. So easy, so awesome.

At your leisure: Pick up some hand relief (Hydrolatum is totally working for us!).

At your leisure: Make something yummy. I just made a pan of magic spinach pie yesterday (see my recipe revision in the comments) and it was fantastic, as always. And so gratifying to watch the kids gobbling it too.

At your leisure: Chip away at organization. I love these ideas for using pocket organizers all over the house.

Image credit: Wheelock Family Theater

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