A Chat Today + Updates

the-motherhood-talk.jpgHappy snowy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all had a lovely and reflective long weekend. This morning I wanted to share one timely online event + some other fun updates. First, today at 1pm ET, I'll be co-hosting a live chat on The State of the Mom Blogosphere over at TheMotherhood. The chats are TheMotherhood are amazing, as are my co-hosts -- come join the conversation! (No complicated technical know-how required; it's basically like commenting in on status updates.) Second, I'm super honored to be featured in The Improper Bostonian's style section this month. The fashion shoot was insanely fun and I hope to share more of talented Adam DeTour's photos soon.

Third & fourth: in December, I shared some ideas on keeping kids happy while on the road in the Boston Globe and helping kids banish boredom in USA Today Kids Health Magazine. Enjoy!

Fifth: I'm so very honored to be included in this roundup of fine speakers for BlissDom. This is an amazing conference and I'm incredibly excited to be talking about doing less as a life strategy. If you're attending this conference, please come say hello!

And sixth: I am amazed and overwhelmed by the unexpected outpouring of responses to my call for writers. If you submitted an application, please bear with me. It's going to take me some time to go through all of the applications as I want to give each its due attention, and balance out the applicant editorial interests with my current writers.

Enjoy the week!

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