12 Fun Long Weekend Picks

franklin-park-zoo.jpgHappy Friday! I hope you're looking forward to a lovely long weekend. Here are 12 picks that caught my eye. And stay tuned -- this weekend I'll post some ideas for fun, creative, and educational ways to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day at home.

1. Dance, arts, crafts, and critters to celebrate Chinese New Year. (Dorchester)

2. A family friendly show at Club Passim. (Cambridge)
3. More Year of the Dragon festivities via drumming, dance, tea, games, and more. (Boston)

4. Hooray for magic! (Brookline)

5. My father-in-law would go berserk over this train show. (Wenham)

6. Thanks to the Sound of Music, I'm intrigued by this marionette show. (Arlington)

7. Listen to the Boston Children's Chorus perform their annual Martin Luther King, Jr. tribute concert. (Boston)

8. Make some noise at this Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration. (Easton)

9. A family folk song concert in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Boston)

10. Celebrate friendship and honor Martin Luther King, Jr. (Acton)

11. Learn about Native American art and make a drum that represents your family. (Salem)

12. Enjoy free admission and special events at the MFA MLK Jr. Day Open Houes. (Boston)

Image credit: Franklin Park Zoo