17 Fun Weekend Picks

south-boston-street-festival.jpgI know I shouldn't be so typically New England and obsess about weather, but 60s for this weekend -- welcome, fall! It'll be the perfect weather to enjoy any (or all, if you're feeling crazy ambitious) of these 17 fun weekend picks:

1. Rock it, South Boston.

2. It's been a looooong time since I've seen a movie in a theatre. This film festival could rectify that situation.
3. Artistry in the South End abounds.

4. Love, peace, and soul at the Oak Street Fair.

5. I love that this landscape watercolor workshop series is open to kids 9 and up.

6. The apples have arrived.

7. Laurel and I had so much fun building a fairy house the other week; head northward for fairy house building inspiration.

8. Fall fun in Quincy.

9. The weather will be utterly perfect for ponies, agile dogs, and other farm fun.

10. C'mon, a dog parade? How cute is that?

11. I loved the block parties my street held when I was a kid. Gloucester will be hosting a big block party this weekend.

12. Show your Arlington pride.

13. Oh to have an endless summer.

14. Apparently, Peabody = international mecca!

15. Assembly Square makes a bid for cool new hub in Somerville.

16. I dated a Serb back in the day. He would totally dig this.

17. A celebration of Greek culture north of town.

Image credit: South Boston Street Festival

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