10 Fun Weekend Picks

memby-frog.jpgHello everyone! I'm going off the grid for a few days so I leave you with an early weekend roundup (also see this column for a couple of picks for tomorrow and Friday).

1. The humble frog deserves props. Celebrate and learn about frogs at Frog Appreciation Day (which I keep calling Frogapalooza in my head) at Frog Pond.

2. Get your green on tomorrow through Saturday at Boston GreenFest at City Hall Plaza.
3. This year's theme for the West End Children's Festival is international flavor. Yum.

4. In my opinion, it's never too late to try dance. Springstep Summerfest looks like a super fun opportunity to experiment with different styles.

5. I think it's awesome that the Salem Jazz & Soul Festival raises money to support music education programs on the North Shore.

6. If you participate in the watermelon contest at the August Moon Festival in Quincy, please post photos to the Boston Mamas Facebook page!

7. For further Asian celebration, enjoy food, crafts, performances, and boat races at the Lowell Southeast Asian Water Festival.

8. The Gloucester Waterfront Festival will feature over 175 juried crafters. And lots of lobster.

9. Every year our CSA demonstrates that locally sourced tomatoes are a completely different animal than tomatoes that have been sitting on a truck in transit for several days. Go get yourself some fresh tomatoes at the Wilson Farm Tomato Festival.

10. Games, yoga, and photography lessons at Sunday Fun in the Park sounds perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

Image credit: Frog Appreciation Day

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