This Week's Picks

boston-skyline.jpgHere's another strange example of how the universe works: I've been thinking for some time that it would be helpful to share weekday event roundups. And then some folks who completed the Boston Mamas 5th Birthday Survey asked for weekday event recommendations (I still need to fully look at the survey responses, so feel free to chime in!). And then FamilyFinds asked me to write a weekly column doing just this! So starting this week, I'll share 7 picks to enjoy through the week over at FamilyFinds and also share the posts here (+ any other interesting picks that come across my radar), which will serve as a nice bridge to my weekend roundups. Here are this week's picks, plus a bonus one below. Enjoy!
Thursday, August 4: the new Pinkberry in Wellesley will be having their opening party, swirling free yogurt for guests from 6-9pm. If you want to head to the event, drop a line to Yum!

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