Super Quick Hair Fix

sephora-ponytail.jpgParticularly given how hot it's been this summer, when I need to head out for meetings or events, I love the concept of the sleek ponytail -- in which you make a ponytail, wrap a piece of hair from the ponytail around the elastic, and bobby pin the hair wrap into place. However, my hair is thick and super straight, which makes pinning difficult; not to mention that I've always found it hard to see whether things look even in the back.
A few weeks ago I bought this ponytail wrap at Sephora and it has proven a super quick hair fix. Simply loop the wrap as you would a regular ponytail elastic (taking care to remember to face it so that it ends hair side on top) and you're done. A sleek and polished looking ponytail in seconds!

I was interested to see that the comments about this product (on the Sephora site) are pretty varied. I did see a few strands of breakage after the first few uses but the wrap still looks great -- I would simply recommend handling the ponytail holder with care (i.e., keeping stretching and twisting to a minimum). Also, with black hair, color selection is a no brainer, but I'd also recommend going to the store to see if the color matches for brown and blonde work for you instead of purchasing online.