Say Yes to More Birthdays

more-birthdays.jpgAs many of you know, cancer -- or, rather, the ability to kick cancer to the curb, as my friend Sarah used to say -- has been on my mind. So I wanted to take a moment to encourage you all to contribute to a cool campaign that the American Cancer Society recently launched -- I love this campaign for hinging creativity to raising awareness about the fight against cancer. Through Create More Birthdays, people are encouraged to submit a video singing "Happy Birthday" (nothing fancy required -- just record and load!) and/or original art (photography or graphic, etc.) inspired by the progress being made against cancer.
I'm consulting with the ACS on this campaign so unfortunately I can't submit entries (I've channeled my design efforts for cancer here), but you totally should! The winning musical entry will be featured along with celebrities in the More Birthdays online gallery + a nationwide advertising campaign, and the winning artistic entry will be featured in a custom American Cancer Society card collection on Super cool, no?

The deadline for submissions is July 24 and I hope you'll consider submitting an entry or two. As you can see from the below video (my lovely friend Kristen of Cool Mom Picks), it's quick and easy -- yet can be lovely and powerful -- to share your version of Happy Birthday. I wish you and your loved ones many, many birthdays to come.