9 Bits of Web Awesomeness

mojito.jpgI recently wrote about getting back to basics with reading and engaging on the web. I feel so happy when I not only take the time to read and comment on other blogs, but also share particularly handy, clever, or amusing posts with others. I'm going to try to do these roundups more regularly. I hope you enjoy these 9 bits of web awesomeness.
1. Did someone say mojito?

2. I was just talking to someone about how to find and interview doulas.

3. A party detail that clearly says, "I love you vegan friend!"

4. After trying countless products, I'm pretty much convinced that the dark circles under my eyes are hopeless, but I still can't resist checking out eye cream and concealer roundups.

5. Similarly, I can never resist city lists...I'm proud that Boston is #3 on this one.

6. Now that I finally upgraded to a smartphone that's actually smart, I can play with apps! I went and downloaded iMapMyRun after reading about these 3 great apps for runners.

7. Here's how to disable that creepy Facebook facial recognition setting.

8. My friend Marie is featuring a basic crochet series. I love knitting projects because I love fawning over materials at knitting shops!

9. Because all kids seem to go bonkers over slime.

Have you read anything awesome this week? Feel free to share in the comments!

Image credit: Musings of a Housewife