Budget and Eco-Friendly Swapping

life-style-episode-16.jpgIt was so fun to return to Life.Style this week, and especially cool that technology allowed me to host via Skype so I could remain close to baby Violet. I had a fantastic time chatting with Melissa Massello and Amy Chase of The Swapaholics about budget and eco-friendly swapping. We covered everything from sustainable style, to local and national swaps, to celebrities and the vintage revolution, to favorite local and online sources for secondhand, to ideas for hosting your own swap. Check out the episode for full commentary and inspiration. And for easy reference, below are links that were shared during the interview. Enjoy!
Links shared during Melissa Massello/Amy Chase interview

Shoestring Magazine (Melissa's other site)
Punky Style (Amy's other site)
Swap4Schools initiative
Swap.com app
Texas clothing swap
Boston clothing swap
Beauty swap
Swapaholics video clip
Celebrities wearing vintage, part 1
Celebrities wearing vintage, part 2
The Closet, Newbury Street
Mr. Goodwill Hunting on the Nate Berkus Show
Market Publique
Shop Goodwill
Boston Tree Party
Secondhand baby shower