Great Green Cleaning Solutions

modern-mermaids.gifI consider myself a total eco-geek, but clearly you can never stop learning. I picked up tons of great green cleaning solutions chatting with homekeeping expert Leslie Reichert (aka The Cleaning Coach) this week on Life.Style. Leslie and I covered everything from the evolution of the green cleaning movement to the most effective natural grocery store and specialty cleaning products for home, gadgets, and pets. I also attempted (and failed!) to stump Leslie with green cleaning queries from Twitter and Facebook. Check out the episode for full commentary, recipes, and inspiration. And for easy reference, below are links that were shared during the interview. Enjoy!
Links shared during the Leslie Reichert interview:

Leslie's green cleaning blog
The Joy of Green Cleaning recipe book
Soap flakes (for making your own laundry detergent)
Charlie's laundry soap
Better Life products
Modern Mermaid products
Super blue cloth
Eco sponge
Skoy cloths
Miele vacuums
Flea/tick repellent
Green clean your iPad