Get Organized With Baby

one-year-to-an-organized-life-with-baby.jpgWhether you're early or late in your pregnancy, read on for my thoughts on One Year to an Organized Life with Baby, as well as to learn how to be one of three winners to receive a copy of One Year:

To be perfectly frank, when I received a copy of One Year to an Organized Life with Baby for editorial consideration, I initially fretted a little. Why? Because by my typical obsessed-with-Excel-and-Outlook-to-do-list standards, I've been something of a slacker in the baby organization department. (Actually, I like to think that I've just been really chill and Zen about the whole baby thing.) I was concerned that this would be a "should" book, replete with non-essential super mom type tasks that would make me feel bad about myriad things unaccomplished. Never mind that I was looking at this book well into my third trimester.
But then I sat down and started flipping through the book. And I started smiling. One Year to an Organized Life with Baby is a book that is tangible in scope -- perfect for those who need guidance on what to get done, and in a totally doable fashion. Each chapter represents one month (starting at 8 weeks pregnant and running all the way to 20 weeks postpartum) and presents a short summary of the month and then a breakdown of each week of that month. And each week describes the how-to for a tangible and practical number of items (i.e., small...sometimes only one item!) to address each week, spanning everything from conquering clutter on your desk or in your closet (first author Regina Leeds is a professional organizer after all...), to working out logistics such as child care, a birth plan, and maternity leave (second author Meagan Francis is a mother of five after all...), to the more psychologically complex, such as negotiating new and old friendships, co-parenting, and toxic relationships. The book is peppered with handy call out boxes (e.g., issues to cover when devising your birth plan) for easy reference.

As I mentioned earlier, I opened this book late in my pregnancy, but two things quickly became clear. First, as disorganized (or laid back) as I've been this go around, it was gratifying to flip through the early chapters and confirm that I have covered the important bases (e.g., arranging child care post-baby). Meaning, the book is not filled with superfluous super mom type tasks -- it covers key nuts and bolts to offer guidance to new moms or provide a refresher (and probably some new nuggets of wisdom) for experienced moms. And second, even this late in the game (I'm due one week from today), this book not only will help me with the to-do's of the final stretch (such as that hospital bag Jon keeps bugging me to pack...), but will help me keep my head on straight in the 5 months postpartum, particularly given that I'm a freelancer without a formal maternity leave plan.

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Congrats to winners Melissa, Pauline, and Melissa!
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Now, want to be one of three winners to receive a copy of One Year to an Organized Life with Baby? Here's how:

  • Visit first author Regina Leeds' website, then e-mail (with "One Year" in the subject), and name another book by Regina Leeds.

  • One entry permitted per person; US & Canada entrants welcome to enter.

  • Entry period closes at midnight EST, Monday, March 14, 2011.

    *Three lucky winners (drawn using will receive a copy of One Year to an Organized Life with Baby.