Weekly Blueprint

unicorn-pops.jpgGreetings all! I hope you're all adjusting to the time change. Did anyone else's kids fight bedtime yesterday, despite the "You know, it's actually an hour later than now" argument? And did anyone else not get their extra hour of sleep (my kids still woke up super early)? Anyway, how about a fresh start? Here are some fun ideas for your consideration in this week's Weekly Blueprint:
November 7: If you are suffering from sleep deprivation related to the time change (or hey, just sleep deprivation in general), treat yourself to a really delicious coffee.

November 8: Vote in your municipal election.

November 8: Talk turkeys with your toddler at the Mass Audubon's South Shore Sanctuaries.

November 10: Celebrate locally made goods at AHA! Night in New Bedford.

November 11: A super fun pick for ballet lovers: The Nutcracker Boston Ballet Day at the Boston Children's Museum.

November 11: Pay tribute. My peep Stacey at Boston Central has several Veteran's Day listings on the docket for Friday.

At your leisure: Set aside a bag and start filling it with items for local food drives.

At your leisure: Make this pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting. YUM.

At your leisure: Schedule a date night.

At your leisure: Pick up a new book. This community-driven collection of recommendations offers more than enough fodder to get you started.

At your leisure: My upcoming trip to Camp Mighty served as the impetus to update my life list. Consider starting/editing yours as you look forward into the turn of the year.

At your leisure: Find creative inspiration. I recently joined Pinterest and I must say that I love it as a means of archiving awesome ideas and creative inspiration.

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