Inspired By You Awesome Readers

organizer.jpgIn reviewing the responses from the Boston Mamas survey (thank you, thank you to all who weighed in!), some themes emerged. Readers want more event picks (which I've addressed by adding weekday as well as weekend event roundups) and also general lifestyle ideas and money saving tips -- for kids and grownups. After pondering a few ways to go about addressing all of these different bits of information sharing, I decided to start a new series: a beginning-of-week post including a running list of everything from events to bargain alerts to other ideas, tips, and reminders that spring to mind as useful and/or fun.
When I started jotting down notes for this week -- based on things I took care of this weekend or need/want to do this week -- it reminded me a bit of Martha Stewart's magazine calendar page (minus the extensive gardening). I hope this week's inaugural column (next post) offers helpful tips and inspiration for the week. Please let me know if there are particular topics you'd like me to cover in the future, and of course if you have ideas for future weeks, drop me a line!

Thanks for being awesome. xoxo Christine

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